Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

The future servants of Steel at our Airports

An hour later.....(having checked in for my next flight), I return to share what the future of these escalators and travellators would be. How about these steel servants of our feet were to become live sensing beings or say robots in the future. What if they can sense our emotions through our feet?
Surrounded as though in a sci-fi thriller, with sheet plasma screens displaying images, adverts and even playing music for travellers on their steps. Reading our minds through the nerves in our feet. Helping us decide the best deals avble ahead...reassuring us of the crowd ahead and letting the check-in desk know that there is a passenger coming through the crowd of please consider him for the flight.

Only, if they could sense each person's mood and help elevate their hearts. Play cartoons for the kids. Alert the attendants of a hassled mother...and possibly the security of the approaching threat. Alert the hungry that their body needs food and specific vitamins, re-hydration. Sense heightened anxiety...and track the traveller for his medical state and if he is fit enough to travel.

Well, wonder if this could not be achieved even as people walk through the airport entrance. In the sake of practicality I sense...with each step ...attached to a skin thin plasma film...this would really be the ideal place to achieve this feat.

I guess the economists would love to know what people are really looking to buy even before they reach their shops. Maybe, it would help them even stock the most preferred goods rather than eating miles and miles of floor space.

Wonder, what the end of their day would be, having gone through the myriad of emotions of people from all walks of life as they carry themselves over these metal servers of our feet. I wonder if they ever talk to each other if they had a life. They must surely discuss the dead weight of people's emotions that went over them. Only if they had a heart ...they would be strained and overwhelmed. With some sharing joys of having celebrities walk over them, cherishing and boasting off these moments with other travellators. While others hate their day after having a plane full of off-loaded or cancelled flight passengers passing over them…in their disgust and pain.

Wonder, if they would be able to in future be live enough to stop an annoying person boarding them. But then they would lose their purpose altogether. Their selfless and un-interrupted service is a mark of their character …a character forged in steel. In the service of mankind, all mankind.

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Manoj said...

You just spilled a million dollar idea dude ! If the future is down this road it will be worth billions even.

You could seriously consider marketing, backed by 21st century imagination !

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