Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

The future servants of Steel at our Airports

An hour later.....(having checked in for my next flight), I return to share what the future of these escalators and travellators would be. How about these steel servants of our feet were to become live sensing beings or say robots in the future. What if they can sense our emotions through our feet?
Surrounded as though in a sci-fi thriller, with sheet plasma screens displaying images, adverts and even playing music for travellers on their steps. Reading our minds through the nerves in our feet. Helping us decide the best deals avble ahead...reassuring us of the crowd ahead and letting the check-in desk know that there is a passenger coming through the crowd of please consider him for the flight.

Only, if they could sense each person's mood and help elevate their hearts. Play cartoons for the kids. Alert the attendants of a hassled mother...and possibly the security of the approaching threat. Alert the hungry that their body needs food and specific vitamins, re-hydration. Sense heightened anxiety...and track the traveller for his medical state and if he is fit enough to travel.

Well, wonder if this could not be achieved even as people walk through the airport entrance. In the sake of practicality I sense...with each step ...attached to a skin thin plasma film...this would really be the ideal place to achieve this feat.

I guess the economists would love to know what people are really looking to buy even before they reach their shops. Maybe, it would help them even stock the most preferred goods rather than eating miles and miles of floor space.

Wonder, what the end of their day would be, having gone through the myriad of emotions of people from all walks of life as they carry themselves over these metal servers of our feet. I wonder if they ever talk to each other if they had a life. They must surely discuss the dead weight of people's emotions that went over them. Only if they had a heart ...they would be strained and overwhelmed. With some sharing joys of having celebrities walk over them, cherishing and boasting off these moments with other travellators. While others hate their day after having a plane full of off-loaded or cancelled flight passengers passing over them…in their disgust and pain.

Wonder, if they would be able to in future be live enough to stop an annoying person boarding them. But then they would lose their purpose altogether. Their selfless and un-interrupted service is a mark of their character …a character forged in steel. In the service of mankind, all mankind.

Airports and Escalators

Have you ever stood at the end of a rising or descending escalator. It's amazing to see people's expressions as they reach the other end. Ofcourse, where the escalator is situated also decides the mood of the people. If it's reaching the duty free, you have an expression of glint, dismay and wonder in the eyes of the person. Some counting the money in their pocket. Some hit with the thought of how far their expenses are stretched and when can they make the next lavish buy from the wonder that's displayed in these shops. Dismay follows those who have no money nor credit to buy anything. They must just wonder if there could be an escalator that would not land them into this temptations. Ofcourse, their number though large don't decide the equation of the airport economics. It's a temptation that the new airports of the world are creating around us.

Escalators rising into the departure area bear a look of parting, longing and the anxiety of travel. There are those that are running late, often upset with the length and the speed of the escalator. 'Only, if I could clear this climb, and walk half a mile more, maze through the crowd...I would make the flight....just why is this thing not moving faster'. The travelators are more prone to such hastiness and stress.

Needless to say that the one's descending into the arrivals area have the most pushy and the anxious lot. Trying to push through to the line ahead so they can clear through this misery of travel and reach the much needed rest in their warm homes or the loved ones.

It always amazes me to see when people lean forward and nudge you at the escalators as if to believe that if all the people on the escalators were to lean forward by a certain degree it might move it faster....hmm no such luck there is it.

But, then there are those who like to climb or descend these escalators like stairs. I sometimes wonder why they bother getting on it in the first place. Escalators are the domain of the lazy and tired lot who have absolutely no further energy to move, but would prefer to just stand and let the mechanics of these wonderful moving stairs do the job. I mean if you really want to be that athletic, then how about climbing down those stone stairs. Ofocurse, new airports don't provide such luxury to the climbers. They cater to the lazy and spoiled lots of the world.

Maybe, not everyone may have experienced the wonders of an escalator of the third world. It's amazing to see people jump on the first step and then almost lose their head trying to balance themselves. But as they become habit for most, the number of those that confidently step in and out increases ...and some even being kind enough to help those that are learning.

The sight of the stretched out man on the escalator whose one leg has extended beyond his natural body frame maybe cruel but is nevertheless hilarous.

I guess the list goes on...and on...but I must rush now as I join the many to head to another endless ride on these mettalic carriers of the multitude and join the ranks into a long winding journey through the airport ...and my flight.

Many more to climb ....and more on what new age escalators could be like, on my return.

Wednesday, 6 February, 2008

Since, what we already say is not enough,let's Blog.

Well well,

I have finally decided to pen my thoughts for the world to see. I used to always wonder if there is anypoint in writing online on the blogs. Coz, firstly you never know who is going to read it and another ...why would you want people to read what you think and feel.

Nevertheless, after having read many different blogs, and being impressed at the vast interests people express, I have finally decided to pen my thoughts. I am still not sure if this would be the most hot topic of the day for my mind ....or a chronological description of my life. Maybe, a mixed up random combination would be better for my own psyche.

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