Wednesday, 6 February, 2008

Since, what we already say is not enough,let's Blog.

Well well,

I have finally decided to pen my thoughts for the world to see. I used to always wonder if there is anypoint in writing online on the blogs. Coz, firstly you never know who is going to read it and another ...why would you want people to read what you think and feel.

Nevertheless, after having read many different blogs, and being impressed at the vast interests people express, I have finally decided to pen my thoughts. I am still not sure if this would be the most hot topic of the day for my mind ....or a chronological description of my life. Maybe, a mixed up random combination would be better for my own psyche.

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Manoj said...

dher sahi durust sahi !

Look forward to your writeups. I would like to read about what you think about people in elevators. The few seconds one spends travelling appears to stretch multifold.
The elevator of the AlAttar biz towers usually transports a good mix of people, the variety sometimes includes an investor, a pareh employed with a property dealer, under payed corporate employees like us, a model like hip 6 footer, some with so much confidence that their nose touches the roof, some trying to hide their modest clothing behind another body later to realise there are so many glass around, there is no hiding ...

Would like to hear your thoughts/observation ...

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